Application Generator System

Application Generator System

Our application generator allows to have 100% Web Applciations usable from the first time generated.

This product is the base and engine of all our products, because this allows to generate applications in less time than traditional development. Been 100% Web product it allows portability, accesibilty and real time information.

This have security modules, that guarantee audit y follow-up of users activities.

Some functionalities


Notification system in real time for users that can make actions inmediately.

Communications / News

Module that allows to generate first time communications for all users or specific users and update the communication with your employees in your own business matters y system matters.


Report system that shows information as you need.

Tailor-made integrations

The system is totally tighted to integrate inside other information systems or to integrate your developments in our environment.

Personalized Language

There are so many personalizarion options, one of them language is 100% configurable in real time for all functions and all system fields.

Dynamic Help (Screen and PDF)

Dynamic help shows to the user the diferent options inside the system and is dynamic, because all screen language or help changes, will be updated automatically in dynamic help for users.

File Management (Documents)

System can administrate large amount of files, allowing to index and find it in a fast way. Of course, it depends of the infrastructure where will be hosted AGS.

HTML Integration with customer applications

AGS can be integrate with plain HTML Pages in order to have inside in the same system static information but useful for all users. (Landing Pages, Products Help, Customer Service Scripts, etc.)

Rules customer configuration for AGS

You can configure access rules to information depending on your needs. If you want that some users see some information or not, you can do it in real time.

Users profiles

Users have the capability to make actions in the system, after define profiles and access.

WS Integration

Our system is Services Oriented and this allow us to make integrations fast and standard. We integrate AGS with any information system through Web Services.

Activity log (Audit)

Each activity made by users could be monitored (configurable), in order to have control of who make what in sensitive information of your company.

Security Access

We have access mechanisms for users completely configurable, where you can define rules access (Password expiration, Attemps block, Two factor authentication - SMS, Single Sign On, etc.)

Application Update

The AGS advantages allow real time 90% updates of fucntionlities, this allows that the application developed for you will have the latest version.

Massive information upload

Our application can generate interfaces of massive information upload through plain files, with integration rules validation and this allows fast and agile information uploads.