Billing and inventory management system

Billing and inventory management system

Billing and Inventory management system allows our customers hava robust system 100% web that could be used standalone (without internet connection), deployed in your local network, hosted in cloud or as a service(SaaS).

Allows configuration of all established parameters in order to have a personalized bill and with bill layout defined by each of our clients.

Cardex Inventoy Management, allows that each sale update inventory in real time.

You have the possibility of manage unlimited products, customers, vendors, bill's associated documents, etc.

Some functionalities


Module for customer information register, products and sale data generating printed bill pdf in a perfect size for your business.

Inventory Management

All movement inventory management (IN, OUT) and automatic update integrated with billing module.

Associated Documents

You can upload and associate documents to bills and customers.


Vendors administrators of registered products.


Manage of different currency types with exchange rates log.


High level billing system configuration for a major flexibility.


Orders administration associated to inventories and the bills.


Management and full follow-up of customers.

AGS Integration

AGS Integration with essential modules like security and audit, and this allows more security and robustness. Aditionally with this integration, you can count with applications developed with AGS.