Radiation Cosmic System

Radiation Cosmic System

Our CosmicG System gather all flights information from the applicants airlines in order to determine the quantity of cosmic radiation for each flight.

The main objective is to generate the aggregated of radiation recieved by pilot/air crew, on each routes covered.

Some functionalities


The validation funciton allows to validate files structure and data types. This execution allows to make a quick validation if data uploaded is correct or if is necessary to fix it.


CosmicG allows you to have configuration options to have more flexibility when executing.


It allows execution in different languages. Initially in English and Spanish.

Multiple files types

Cosmic G allows you to read different types of file sources, either in Excel or in a flat file.

Masive Results

Accumulate the results of all flights to have a single file of results.

Log generation

Generates Error Log when executing with date, time and type of error.