Survey generator system

Survey generator system

Survey generator dynamic system allows users to create their own survey flows with real time updates and in a friendly and graphical way.

It counts with the capability to have different kind of questions available in survey standards (open questions, close questions, multiple selection, etc.).

It generates real time reports and handle access control depending on your needs, where it can be open access or with user and password access.

You can integrate the survey system with the principal social networks, for access or for answers in Facebook, Twitter, Google+.



You can create questions and answers flows graphically in the diagrams module.


You can select different kind of questions like multiple selection, open, etc., and their dependencies.


You can define the security type that you need in surveys. Could open for users, integrated in your intranet/extranet, with own AGS security, etc.


You can obtain real time reports of survey results de and Analytics data from where the users answer, etc.

AGS Integration

AGS Integration with essential modules like security and audit, and this allows more security and robustness. Aditionally with this integration, you can count with applications developed with AGS.

Social Network Integration

You can integrate with social network systems to obtain answers directly form there.