Our Principal Services

Our Principal Services

Tailor-made development

Using our AGS y OHETOAD tools, we generate applications fast, stable, secure and scalable.


Our Products

You can contract our products by non-exclusive use license, SaaS (Software as a Service), Hosting, etc.



We work together with you to generate the best solution alternatives to your technological needs.


Our Applications

Application Generator System

Our application generator allows to have 100% Web Applciations usable from the first time generated.

This product is the base and engine of all our products, because this allows to generate applications in less time than traditional development. Been 100% Web product it allows portability, accesibilty and real time information.

This have security modules, that guarantee audit y follow-up of users activities.


Radiation Cosmic System

Our CosmicG System gather all flights information from the applicants airlines in order to determine the quantity of cosmic radiation for each flight.

The main objective is to generate the aggregated of radiation recieved by pilot/air crew, on each routes covered.


Billing and inventory management system

Billing and Inventory management system allows our customers hava robust system 100% web that could be used standalone (without internet connection), deployed in your local network, hosted in cloud or as a service(SaaS).

Allows configuration of all established parameters in order to have a personalized bill and with bill layout defined by each of our clients.

Cardex Inventoy Management, allows that each sale update inventory in real time.

You have the possibility of manage unlimited products, customers, vendors, bill's associated documents, etc.


Survey generator system

Survey generator dynamic system allows users to create their own survey flows with real time updates and in a friendly and graphical way.

It counts with the capability to have different kind of questions available in survey standards (open questions, close questions, multiple selection, etc.).

It generates real time reports and handle access control depending on your needs, where it can be open access or with user and password access.

You can integrate the survey system with the principal social networks, for access or for answers in Facebook, Twitter, Google+.