About Us

We are a Technology company and we have a lot of software tools in order to build software solutions tailored and we adjust us to our customers needs, always doing resources, costs and time optimization. We provide consulting solutions to support your technological needs and bring the best solution.

Reduce delivery time

We want to offer products with less delivery time, because of this we have high level models y competitivity that allows to deliver projects of any size in 30% less time of a traditional development.

Tailor-made changes

We know the speed that the world and business change. For this, our tools allow us to make important changes to our systems in a efficient and effective way. Changes be made easy and in reasonable times.

Achievable Challenges

The Ohelit's main policy is fulfillment, for this we establish, with our customers, goals, quality and project time periods.

Some of our products

AGS - Application Generator System

Applications generator with the best versatility and flexibility available in the world. Our application generator allows to have 100% Web Applciations usable from the first time generated.

CosmicG - Radiation Cosmic System

CosmicG is an application that allows the batch execution of CARI (FAA application for radiation cosmic dose calculation). This batch execution focus on have the flight information of any airline and transform it in the specific structure that is supported by CARI and execute each flight by day and by route.

BIS - Billing and inventory management system

Billing configurable system with inventory management module de that allows to our customers have real time reports, system modifications in a short period and security for all defined roles.

We use tools that allow us to generate high technology applications:

  • AGS - Applications generator
  • OHETOAD - Code generator (Interal)
  • Windows universal aplications
  • C#, Phyton
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • Ohelit Development Lifecycle
  • Scrum - Agile development

With our technologies and methodologies, we reduce in a 50% the development process of traditional software and we focus in customers needs.

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We are a Colombian company and we deliver in whole world. Contact us to have a dynamic interaction with you and we can show you our products live.

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